Land of the Dragons Chamber 2

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Land of the Dragons Chamber 2 Room 1

Land of the Dragons Chamber 2 Room 1

Land of the Dragons Chamber 2 Room 1 Tolls

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 Study                                           King's     Retire
 Code    Description                              Toll       Date
 -----   ------------------------------------   ---------   -----

 K230    The Defender                                 N/A   
 K229    The Behemoth                                 N/A   
 K228    The Celt                                     N/A   
 K227    The Challenge                                N/A   
 K226    The Tree Beast                               N/A   
 K225    The Titan                                    N/A   
 K224    The Glacier Warrior                          N/A   
 K223    The Fiend                                    N/A   
 K222    The Twin Raptor                              N/A   
 K221    The Iracundia                                N/A   
 K209    The Crusader                                 N/A   
 K208    The Fire Storm                               N/A   
 K207    The Avenger                                  N/A   
 K205    The Predator                           $   55.00   
 K203    The Sentinel                                 N/A   
 K202    The Struggle                                 N/A   
 K204    The Prisoner                                 N/A   
 K200    The Snow Warrier                         RETIRED   12/06
 K201    The Triad                                    N/A   
 K199    The Ice King                                 N/A   
 K198    The Beast                                    N/A   
 K197    The Barbarian                                N/A   
 K196    The Destroyer                                N/A   

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