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To be notified via email when new studies are added to the collection by the Tudor Mint or this site makes any seasonal changes (usually around Jan 1 and Jul 1), send an empty email to DBE Collectibles mailing list provided by Yahoo! Groups. To unsubscribe, send an empty email to unsubscribe from DBE Collectibles list.

Read the dbe-collectibles Email Archive online at Yahoo! Groups. You should also be able to subscribe and unsubscribe here.

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Feel free to browse through or add a comment or want ad to the Castle Bulletin Board using the form below. Leave your comments about this site or browse/advertise any Tudor Mint collectible you are looking for or have for sale. Your entry will be added at the beginning of the list. Commercial ads and unrelated to Myth and Magic comments/ads will be deleted.

DBE Collectibles is not responsible for any mis-information posted here or for any fraud that may occur by posters against readers. Complaints against postings will be appended as an editor's note at the editor's discretion. You may email and have your entry deleted if you don't agree with the complaint or attempt to rectify an invalid complaint by giving your side of the story.

Fill in the form below to add to the Bulletin Board. The only sections that you have to fill in, are the comments and name section. Although if you want to sell a study, you'll need an email address so people can get in touch with you.

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If you want to sell any retired Tudor Mint studies, please email the study numbers along with any crystal or mold variations (if known) and estimated asking price to DBE Collectibles and we will add your list to our file and supply your email address when other collector's ask for studies that you have. All studies must be in perfect condition and hopefully with the original boxes and packing materials (and paperwork if limited edition).

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