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Red Dragon Thanks for stopping by the Castle of Medieval Myth and Magic. Here at the Castle, we have for your viewing and buying pleasure the full line of products from the The Tudor Mint Ltd brought to you by DBE Collectibles for shipping anywhere in US and Canada.

If you are interested in joining with other collectors in getting studies not available in stores plus the Methtintdour Times newsletter and more, step into the Tudor Mint Collector's Club.

Stop by the Castle Bulletin Board and post an item for sale or get in touch with someone else who has one or just drop a comment on our site.

Here are the Myth and Magic studies that are new pewter for 2007. Be sure to get a look at the Lord of the Rings pieces added at the end of last year.

You may browse the extensive collection of medieval pewter studies in the Myth and Magic Great Room or use the links on the left.

Also tour the Land of the Dragons. A series composed of hand-painted cold-cast resin pieces - with more lands to come. You can also find Unicorns, Dragonets and Fairies there.

To see the amount of tax levied by the King on the studies you may choose to take with you, see the King's Tax Roll. 20-30% tax reduction computed when study is added to knapsack. All taxes payable in US dollars.

Trusty Knight We can have a trustworthy member of the Knightly Escort Service mounted on trusty steed and in shining armor, whisk the items of your choice directly to your front door (anywhere in the Continental US and Canada) in spite of any trolls or fire breathing dragons he may encounter on the way (not to mention rain, sleet and snow).

See an alphabetical, numerical or group/word matching sorted list of Tudor Mint studies.

If you see an item with no price, it is probably due to the fact that the US/Canadian distributor doesn't carry the study. You can email us at the address to the left in the site index if you are interested in getting it for a higher shipping rate from the UK.

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